Class 6 2018-2019


We had such a brilliant day on our school tour to the Aquarium

We also had lots of fun in school with bubble shows, ice-cream van and sports days.


We enjoyed our music sessions as part of the creative schools project


We enjoyed baking some yummy cookies


We worked on our favourite activities as part of ASDAN

We planted sunflower seeds


We enjoyed going horseriding

As part of our ASDAN programme we selected our favourite foods. We also tasted lots of different fruit and vegtables.

November 2018

Welcome back to everyone in Class 6 after the mid-term break. This November, for our Fairytales theme, we are doing all things to do with “The Gingerbread Man”. We are enjoying our Sensory story: smelling and tasting flour and ginger, making lots of noise banging the baking tin, feeling the heat of the “oven” using a hot-water bottle, and splashing water for “crossing the river”.

October 2018

It’s October in Class 6, and we are continuing our Body Art, painting with our elbows this time:

We have been doing Yoga this term too, which is a very nice way to spend a Friday morning!!

We made Pumpkin Cookies, and had so much fun tasting all the ingredients, mixing, stirring, and rolling.

We made Halloween monsters out of coloured clay:

“Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble”

We did a Science lesson with new smells and textures, all ready for Halloween by making a bubbly witch and wizard brew! We added baking soda, washing up liquid, food colouring and vinegar….and look what magic happened:

For our last day before the mid-term break, we had a Halloween party, where everyone dressed up and we visited Class 5 for a big celebration!

September 2018

Welcome back! Aisling, Conor, Laurence and Rachel are back again to the Senior Class 6, in a new venue, in the prefab. Working with Class 6 is the teacher Miriam, and SNA’s Helen and Mags.

Everyone is happy to be back at school. We are working on the theme Me and My Body. We are doing “The Body Song” in Music, and we are painting with different body parts for art. Look at us painting with our feet:

We also had a birthday this month–Happy Birthday Laurence!!!2020