Class 5 2018-2019

Welcome to Class 5. In our Class we have 5 boys, Conor, Chijindu, Patrick, Jamie and Ethan. Our teacher is Maria and our SNA’s are Deirdre and Eilise. We hope you enjoy looking at all the work and fun things we get up to during the school year.

Please see March, April, May and June at the bottom of this page. 

February 2019

Healthy Living topic. We have been sorting healthy and unhealthy foods into different groups. We have also been discussing healthy and unhealthy activities we do. We have been learning about all the things we can do to keep our bodies healthy and happy…. healthy eat, exercise, sleep, happy attitude, fresh air, drinking water and keeping clean.


Here we are looking through magazines finding loads of different foods we can eat. We then sorted them into healthy/unhealthy group.

January 2019

Happy New Year from all in Class 5. This month we enjoyed the topic house and home. We learned about all the different types of houses/buildings people can live in. We had great fun doing our Art project where we all got to make a house/building. We recycled old and used items such as cereal boxes, toilet rolls, straws, lids from bottles, bottles and tinfoil. We had to design our house and we created masterpieces! When we had all our 3D houses completed we invited all the different classes to our Art exhibition where we showed off our hard work and shared some information with everyone about the house/building we designed! 

Conor made a Lighthouse.

Ethan made a cottage.

Jamie made a castle.

Chijundu made a caravan.

Patrick made a windmill. 

September 2018

We are so excited and happy to be back at school with all our friends. We got straight down to business this year with some lovely cookery sessions. Here we are making some delicious cookies.

Also in September we have been getting out daily for our Nature walk and have been practising our safe cross code at every opportunity.


This month we have been getting out and about in our Community. We have visited our local Cafe and ordered ourselves some yummy hot chocolates. We also got to visit the Post Office and have taken turns to post our school mail.

Happy Halloween from all in Class 5. We had so much fun performing our class poem and afterwards had a very spooky Halloween party.

November 2018

We all returned after our mid term break happy and ready to learn loads of new things. This term we have been discussing how the weather has got much colder and how it will get even colder over the winter months. We decided to take responsibility for feeding all the birds in our school garden during the winter months. We visited the pet shop and got all our supplies and have been busy making sure the birds have enough foods to eat.

This term we also enjoyed discussing all things Rugby and followed the Rugby team on their journey to beating New Zealand! We had fun practising our Rugby skills, learning the national anthem and learning all things associated with Rugby. 

                             December 2018

We had a great month of December. We got to attend loads of Christmas parties and gatherings and really got into the festive spirit. 

We enjoyed a lovely outing down in Tuam, we looked at all the Christmas decorations and then had our lunch out in Olivia’s Cafe. As you can see from our photos its been a fun last month of 2018. 

Happy Christmas from all in class 5. We will see ye all again in 2019. 

March 2019

This month we got to practice making ourselves a hot cup of tea. We have been working hard on our life skills and developing our independence. 

April 2019

Two very special boys made their Confirmation this April. It was a wonderful day.

We also celebrated a very special boy’s 11th birthday! Happy Birthday Patrick.

MAY 2019

We have been making the most of the wonderful weather we have been getting this month. We have been spending loads of time outside and have been doing some great exercises and physio sessions out in the gross motor area.

Our end of year school trips.

We got to enjoy a some wonderful school trips. We had a fabulous boat trip around the Lough Corrib. We had a lovely walk in the Land of the Giants. The pictures will tell their own story!

Our school year 2018/2019

Its been a good one!

Little Rainbow Academy drumming session