Class 3 17-18

June 2018

We have been busy with our new Outer Space theme in Class 3. We are doing a sensory story called “Voyage to the Moon”.

We have been doing art based on all things Outer Space. Look at us printing stars:


We also made stars from bread and glue. When they were dry we painted and decorated them.



May 2018

We have had two birthdays in Class 3 this month. Happy Birthday Mikaela and Keith!

We have been busy gardening, sowing carrots and strawberries.










April 2018

Everyone in Class 3 is happy to be back at school after Easter. This term our theme is The Seaside. We are made printed starfish, using bubblewrap to print with paint.


We also made some jellyfish with paper plates and pipecleaners.



March 2018

Spring is finally here, and in Class 3 we are learning all about New Life.

We have been busy making baby piglets, and baby lambs in art.

We have also been doing a spot of gardening in the classroom! We are making Cress Heads 🙂


We had an Easter Egg hunt before the the holidays, and we collected eggs in the playground using baskets we made ourselves.


February 2018

We continued on our USA theme in February, by trying pancakes, just in time for Pancake Tuesday.

We also made Valentine’s Day cards by making heart prints with potatoes:


January 2018

All the children were in good form returning to school after the Christmas, and ready for a New Year of work and fun!

Our theme is Around the World and Class 3 are studying the USA. We  made the American flags in Art.

We are doing a Sensory Story called “The Cowboy and his Horse”. Everyone loved dressing up as cowboys and trying out the different props for the story:

We made Cactus art, just like in the Wild West, using rice and card:

And our song for this theme was Oh Suzanna!