Class 1

Welcome to Class 1, the Early Intervention Autism class. We have six students in our class.


We returned to online learning in Class 1 for January. We were doing lots of activities in our Heathy Eating theme. Our story was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Our teacher and Special Needs Assistants sent home videos each day to the students in the class to keep in touch.

We made smoothies, banana muffins, playdough caterpillars and fruit flavoured jelly. We are learning about different shapes in the house.


We love sensory play in our class. Here are some of the students working with flour. Sensory play is lots of fun, but it’s good for developing motor skills, grounding, and also gives a great opportunity to practise our PECS. When the children would like more flour, they have to exchange a picture representing “More” with staff.

December, as always, was a busy month in the class. But the biggest surprise of all was when we had an unexpected visitor to the class……Mrs Claus! It was so exciting. Because Santa himself was so busy getting ready for the big night, Mrs Claus came to say hello and brought a few lovely presents to the children.


In November, Class 1 were busy with the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk. We did a lovely sensory story based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Here we are feeling feathers for the Giant’s goose.

We have been busy working on our fine motor skills and developing our concentration using TEACCH boxes too. Look at these busy bees.


October has been all about Outer Space here in Class 1. Our book is called “Solar System”. We have been singing a new song called “We love rockets”. We even play along!

Painting under cling film. This made the art activity feel different, and it’s sometimes easier to do when you don’t like getting your hands too dirty.

We have been doing some space themed art also. Check out our cratered moons made out of egg cartons and our planet Mars made using card, and paint under cling film. This made the art activity feel different, and it’s sometimes easier to do when you don’t like getting your hands too dirty.

We like displaying our Art work for students from other classes to see. Even though we can’t visit other classrooms at the moment, it’s still nice to see what work other classes are doing!
We have lots of fun with Parachute games. We like the sensory feel of it, and we are learning to ask for UP and DOWN while taking turns under the parachute


September has been a busy month in Class 1. Everyone has been busy settling in. This month our theme has been “My Senses”.

We have been making Touchy Feely Collages. We like to feel the materials we are using, choose which colour we like and then use glue to stick them on.

We have been working with Messy Play and Playdough. These activities give great sensory input, improves fine and gross motor skills, promotes independent play, and it’s great fun!

Learning about numbers through messy play. Here we’re using shaving foam..

We also love playing with bubbles outside. We count them, try to catch them, and are learning to request more bubbles.

More bubbles!!