Class 3


The start of October saw us participating in Active Schools Day organised by Lisa. Class 3 really enjoyed the activities set up in the playground.



Welcome to Class 3 in St. Oliver’s Special School. We are all settling back to school after our Summer holidays. This year, our class has some old and new friends: Christopher, Keith, Mikaela and Sinéad, and our staff are Kathleen, Majella, and Miriam.

Our theme is Friendship. We are singing the song “The more we get together” in our music lessons and playing instruments too. We’re making a big effort to share the instruments, and take turns with our friends. We have been doing Friendship art and also have been reading the story “Friends by Eric Carle. We have been doing art based on this story.

We have been going horse-riding each week also. Everyone is doing very well and enjoying the experience.