Class 3


Happy New Year from all of us in Class 3.  We are all happy to be back at school and are well rested after our holidays.  Our school theme this term is Around the World, and here in Class 3 we are focusing on the USA.

We did some cactus art, using card and rice.

We are singing the song “Oh Suzanna” and playing instruments along with the song.

And we will be starting a new Wild West themed Sensory story all about a cowboy who lost his horse 🙁



December was a very busy month in Class 3. We were busy preparing for our Christmas show. We sang some special Christmas songs for our friends and families, and dressed up as Santa’s helpers, and put presents down the chimney as part of our performance.


We also had a special outing this month, where we went to Graune Pet Farm, and met Santa himself! There were lots of animals to see, and we had lots of fun in the activity centre.

This month we had one birthday-Happy Birthday Christopher!


We started our new school-wide theme of Fairytales. In Class 3, we read the story of “The Ugly Duckling”. We made some ducks, and swans in Art.

We are now finished going Horse-Riding, but we are really enjoying our new outing each Friday, when we get to go to Go Bananas! It’s lots of fun, and a great work-out!#


The start of October saw us participating in Active Schools Day organised by Lisa. Class 3 really enjoyed the activities set up in the playground.

We had a lovely time in the run up to Halloween, with all things spooky. We made a special magic potion in the classroom in our Science lesson.


We had a special Halloween party just before our holidays, where we all dressed up for our Halloween party.

This month we had one birthday-Happy Birthday Sinéad!


Welcome to Class 3 in St. Oliver’s Special School. We are all settling back to school after our Summer holidays. This year, our class has some old and new friends: Christopher, Keith, Mikaela and Sinéad, and our staff are Kathleen, Majella, and Miriam.

Our theme is Friendship. We are singing the song “The more we get together” in our music lessons and playing instruments too. We’re making a big effort to share the instruments, and take turns with our friends. We have been doing Friendship art and also have been reading the story “Friends by Eric Carle. We have been doing art based on this story.

We have been going horse-riding each week also. Everyone is doing very well and enjoying the experience.